Our Proposition

Here at Strategy, our mission is centred around helping individuals achieve Financial Independence, and that is demonstrated through our propositions.

Wealth Manager

Firstly, we have our “Wealth Manager” proposition which is designed to review your existing plans, revisit your long-term goals and objectives, and make any adjustments needed to help you achieve financial independence.

Wealth Builder

Then we have our “Wealth Builder” proposition which is designed as a starting point for your journey towards Financial Independence. The "Wealth Builder" program has a fixed objective to build an initial invested fund of £30,000 by means of structured support from Strategy. We will initially have a detailed meeting where we will establish your current financial position and your level of understanding in various financial areas. Having established your current position, together we will implement a plan to help achieve the first step of your journey to financial independence.


And finally, we have our "Mortgage and Insurance" proposition, which aims to evaluate your existing arrangements and put together the most suitable package to meet your requirements. Whether you're buying your first home, remortgaging, or purchasing an investment property, there are lots of processes to go through, issues to tackle and important decisions to make. Strategy will make it simple. Our expert guidance will help take the worry out of finding the right mortgage.